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Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend: Mini Golf Style

September 4, 2017

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Happy Labor Day Weekend, I know it has come to a close at this point, but hope those of you who had the day off actually enjoyed it! We decided to take a family day to acknowledge Labor Day by heading over to the local mini golf course! I have never played mini golf before so this was a brand new experience for both Dallie and me! (Nate has gone before!)

The course was cute as ever and had the best little decorations throughout! I’m pretty sure Dallie enjoyed the houses and tunnels more than the actual act of golfing. And, I can’t say that I wasn’t on the same page as her! Tiny houses and cute little fountains, it was basically a child’s little dream town!

Labor Day Weekend

She seemed to really enjoy it until the ability to ignore the heat subsided and then the drama kicked in and she was over it. Quite honestly I don’t blame her, the heat was pretty miserable. I’m certain by the time we hit midway we were all miserably hot. Nate and I stuck it out and made the most of it as Dallie followed along no longer playing. We are going to give it another go once the weather cools off and fall kicks in full force (can it come any faster?!) I know she would have enjoyed it more had the weather been more appropriate. (Even in the heat, look how adorable she looks in her new dress from Target – Purchased for 20% off!)

Labor Day Weekend

All-in-all we had a great Labor Day Weekend, I got a lot done around the house including ALL of the laundry put away – for now, because who am I kidding? Laundry is NEVER complete! (HUGE accomplishment!)

What did you do this weekend? Let me know in the comments!

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