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    Labor Day Weekend

    Labor Day Weekend: Mini Golf Style

    September 4, 2017

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    Happy Labor Day Weekend, I know it has come to a close at this point, but hope those of you who had the day off actually enjoyed it! We decided to take a family day to acknowledge Labor Day by heading over to the local mini golf course! I have never played mini golf before so this was a brand new experience for both Dallie and me! (Nate has gone before!)

    The course was cute as ever and had the best little decorations throughout! I’m pretty sure Dallie enjoyed the houses and tunnels more than the actual act of golfing. And, I can’t say that I wasn’t on the same page as her! Tiny houses and cute little fountains, it was basically a child’s little dream town!
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    Weight Loss Story: My Personal Journey

    August 3, 2017

    Weight loss and dieting became a part of my life very young – struggling with weight and body image are problems I’ve had in my life longer than I haven’t. By third grade, I was being told phrases like, “you will get taller!” or “it’s just baby fat.” They seem very innocent and in all actuality, they are. I don’t believe the people who said them meant me any harm. I could see that I was different, but didn’t know what weight loss or dieting was or that adjusting your eating habits was the solution. Then, a cousin of mine moved in with us. We will call her Lara for privacy.

    When Lara moved in with us I became highly aware of my weight. This is really when my irrational thinking patterns swung into full force. Lara shared the same body image problems as me though she was much smaller in size. She would remind me that boys would never look at me if I stayed the weight that I was (looking back, I really wasn’t as big as I saw myself).

    She suffered from bulimia and introduced me to different methods of losing weight. I won’t lie, I tried the throwing up method as a pre-teen, but never stuck with it. I loathe throwing up and couldn’t bring myself to do that. Lara, however, continued on. All the boys always liked her and never looked in my direction which in my head confirmed what she had told me. Boys really didn’t like bigger girls (I know this now to be untrue!). This brought on the yo-yo dieting, the social isolation, the withdrawnness. Those moments in my life really defined who I became.
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